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Defining Beauty

Several of you asked me to write about my experience and share pictures. I haven't taken many pictures before today because I've thought that nothing can compare to the shots I took in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. But today my mind is bending just a bit.

I went for a walk and saw life happening. The people are poor and it's fairly dirty, but there are a million smiles. Locals stop me just to say hi and exchange a few words. This is beauty.

The birds are so vocal that I can almost imagine the conversation they're having. They sit on the porch rail and talk to us while we're in class. This is beauty.

I've also been thinking of the 20 other girls who are attending #yogateachertraining with me. Beautiful, supple, strong bodies. Some rail thin, some very curvy. All fresh faced. I like to sit in the yoga hall and listen to the melody of all the voices. We represent about 15 different countries and the accents are divine. This is beauty.

The beach is covered in trash and vendors and a few beggars. The water is crystal clear and the breeze dries the sweat from my back. The egrets prance along the waters edge. The waves are large and there are no rocks in the water. This is beauty.

I had my consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor today. It was really quite fascinating and I felt like he saw me. He challenged me to live more exuberantly. And interestingly enough, he suggested I take the time to look for beauty in all things. On the very day that I've been looking for it. Beautiful, right?

Namaste. Sarah Joy #beautyiseverywhere #lifelessonsat40 #sheerjoy #sanctuaryatshenandoah

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