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There's No Place Like Om

Even if you're not into yoga, chances are you've heard #om being chanted before. I have chanted #om in a few yoga classes. I always thought it sounded nice but didn't give it much more thought.

We #chant om all the time here in #yogateachertraining. We start and end every class with it, we chant before meals, and sometimes, like Monday, we chant in the middle of class.

So Monday...I went to the #pranayama (breathing) class. I love the class because of our wise teacher, but again I haven't historically given much credit to the power of breath work. We did an exercise where you forcefully exhale out of your nostrils for minutes at a time. You don't stop to inhale, but you don't run out of breath. It's hard but it's very powerful.

After a few minutes, the emotions that bubbled up for me truly blew my mind. Old, old, old stuff. The more I exhaled, the more I felt, but I also started to feel free and like some sort of warrior goddess. A lioness! Strength and freedom like I cannot describe.

As we finished our exhalations Prana Ji told us to keep our eyes closed and to start chanting om. At first I was “singing” it like I always have. Then the power I felt while breathing came back and I truly started chanting. I mean I could feel the sound vibration coming up my spine and out of the top of my head. And I sounded like one of the Tibetan singing bowls. We all did. I have never felt so strong and confident in my own skin. The calm that came over me was the most spiritual experience I've ever had.

Did I have some preconceived notions and western reluctance coming in? Absolutely. Can I admit that I was wrong? Absolutely. I'm so thankful that I was.

Namaste. Sarah Joy #sanctuaryatshenandoah #sheerjoy

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