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What Compassion Looks Like

This might be a bit long but hang with me. I am once again awed.

Today started out a bit rough for me. I didn't sleep well and then in our first yoga class I couldn't stay awake because they ask females not to practice many postures during certain times of the month. I ultimately left and went back to bed and then was 30 minutes late for my next class with Prana Ji. You'll recall that I LOVE him and I'm loathe to miss time with him.

Compassion #1. After breakfast we had our 2nd class with Prana Ji. Near the end of class I asked him how we are supposed to inspire students if we don't tell them about our spiritual journey, and his answer totally hit me between the eyes. He answered my question but I also heard a much bigger answer--a lesson on how I live my life. What I heard is that I need to stay in the moment and appreciate it. I don't have to know all the answers right now. The next answer will come when I'm ready and not before. In a word: TRUST! His response was actually, "Don't eat all 3 of your meals at the same time. Eat one at a time or else you'll vomit." Still, when I get hit between the eyes, I cry. He saw me start to tear up and he stopped class and asked me to stand. He came over to me and put his arms around me. Our teacher who can be so tough on us opened his heart for me.

Compassion #2. When class ended, I was surrounded by all these beautiful girls hugging me and telling me they love me. How is it possible that I've only known them 12 days?

Compassion #3 I skipped the next class to journal and process my experience with Prana Ji. I sat in an open area because I was hoping to see him again. I did not see him, but I saw the cook, Michael, several times. I know Michael because about a week ago, several of the girls decided to have dinner on the Cliff and they invited me to join them.The school has asked us to be considerate and let them know if we won't join for meals. I joined the girls but did not alert the school. I wasn't the only one. As a result a lot of food was wasted (everything is cooked and consumed immediately due to very limited refrigeration). The next morning, we found out that Michael was very upset. I felt like such an ungrateful brat. I found the kitchen and Michael and I apologized the best I could to someone who speaks very little English. So back to today. He saw me as he passed several times, and then he said to me, "What happened?" It was such an act of concern and caring. I believe he felt safe showing up because I was vulnerable to him last week.

Compassion #4 After lunch I was preparing to go to the Cliff. As I was leaving, one of the girls offered to give me a massage when I got back. She and I connected pretty early after one particularly amazing but hard class when I asked if I could give her a hug. And now, she is returning the gift 10 fold.

What do I take from all of this? Take the risk and show up for real. People will respond in ways that amaze me. Oh, and I'm reminded again, that God loves me and will not drop me on my head.

Namaste. Sarah Joy aka #SheerJoy #SanctuaryatShenandoah #YogaTeacherTraining #Compassion #Trust

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