• Sarah Joy

Fear Is Not to Be Feared

Well, I did it. I created my website and published it today. I spent the dollars. I posted it to social media.

Am I afraid of failure? OMG, yes! Am I afraid of being a fraud? Oh, hell yes! Do I fear that I'm spending money I don't have and that I won't be able to earn enough to support myself? Yep, that too.

I am also afraid of living by myself. I am afraid of the divorce. I am afraid of Randy dating someone else. I am afraid of him taking off his wedding ring. I am afraid of being alone for the rest of my life. I am afraid I am uniquely flawed.

I want to remind myself that fear is not a dreaded 4 letter word. Fear serves a purpose. It catapults me into action when I might otherwise sit and wait for clarity. Fear tells me that I have big dreams. If I weren't afraid, it would be a warning flag that I was playing small. I don't want to play small.

Every single time I face a fear head on and get to the other side, I gain confidence. If I look at it that way, I can welcome fear:

"Yes! I'm about to be reminded that I am a kick-ass, powerhouse goddess!"


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