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“A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet”

I started working on our Marital Dissolution Agreement yesterday. Yes, we’re trying to keep it simple and save thousands of dollars. Time will tell if we can get that right. The template I started with was nearly 50 pages long. Good grief. My marriage certificate was one short paragraph!

One of the sections in the divorce document outlines the intention of the wife to keep/change her last name. Ugh. I’ve been avoiding this question. My inner dialogue goes something like this...

My ex and I didn’t have any children together. My business doesn’t rely on my name for success, and Sarah Joy Cook certainly isn’t the name of a famous person! There’s no real reason to keep Cook as my last name.

Except, there is. I love my name. I love that it’s easy to say and spell. It’s short to write, and I’m always near the front of the alphabet. It’s the name on my MBA. It’s the name on my yoga and reiki certifications. It’s the name on my lease and it’s the name on my driver’s license and passport. It is the name of a person who I’m proud to be.

A friend recently told me of a woman who faced this same question as she was going through a divorce. She ultimately decided to change her name, but she did not return to her maiden name. She chose Gray. Gray because life isn’t always black and white. Nice.

Nearly 14 years ago I said “I do.” I changed my last name with no intention of ever changing it again. Divorce doesn’t have to alter that fact. Let people think what they may, I will remain a Cook. At least for now. Because the law says I can. Because it’s what I want. Because I don’t need permission. Because I know I can change my mind—and my name—any time I want.

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Divorce #Healing #Becauseican

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Healing #Divorce

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