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When is Your Anniversary No Longer Your Anniversary?

May 22nd is quickly approaching. I’m starting to dread the day. Shakespeare said, “Beware the ides of March.” For me, it’s May 22nd. I know I need to make some plans, to be surrounded by support that day. I haven’t been able to breathe into this one yet. Making plans seems too overwhelming. Seriously, I’m almost hyperventilating. If you’re reading this, I’m calling in the troops!

Why? Well, it’s our wedding anniversary. For 14 years, it was a day we celebrated, some more happily than others, but certainly we always appreciated our grit. Now what? Do I send him a card? Do we plan to spend time together that day? Probably not, but how do I not? I am so thankful that we are committed to friendship and that we see each other regularly, but for this one day, could I please have the gift of anger or some other way to hide?

Also, I am in a quandary. We aren’t officially divorced yet so is this an official wedding anniversary? When people ask how long we were married, do I say 13.5 years or do I say 14 years? According to Facebook we’re divorced (stumbled on his status change, which of course changed my status), but we haven’t even filed papers yet. I can breathe into this one: I think just under 14 years works for me.

You all know I face most everything head on. I’m running into the wind here. I won’t back down. I am preparing my heart. AND, I’m asking you to mark your calendars for May 22nd to help me through.

My heart thanks you. Sarah Joy

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Healing #Divorce #Grief

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Divorce #Grief #Healing

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