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How I Spent My Anti-versary

It feels only appropriate to follow up on my last post with an update on how May 22nd went. Before saying anything else, let me just say, WOW! I have some amazing friends. Thank you to everyone who reached out with words of support and encouragement. I received calls, texts, cards, social media, and in person messages. You truly helped me stay in a positive space!

I’m grateful to report that it turned out to be such a sweet day! It started with a cardio workout and yoga at the Y. It was one of those times when yoga really worked for me too. Very much in the moment. Noticing my breath. Noticing my body. Noticing the rock solid abs on that guy in front of me. Just kidding!

At the recommendation of a reader, I decided to sign up for a volunteer activity in the afternoon. I made my way to a food pantry and lost myself in giving back to others for 3 hours. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I would find comfort in a kitchen, but of course I did. I loved helping my mom in the kitchen when I was little. Throughout college and my internship, I was always in the food lab or a hospital kitchen. And there is something so simple and pleasurable about slicing cucumbers. Chop. Chop. Chop. Scoop. Chop. Chop. Chop. Scoop. I got lost in the easiness of it and the banter of the conversation around me.

Then, Tuesday evening, I surrounded myself with girlfriends. A little 1:1 and then a group of us met at a rooftop bar in the Gulch. Many of you know that I tend to be fairly conservative in my spending, but it was not a day to skimp. The drinks were expensive, but the setting and the time with friends was priceless. It really was the perfect evening. We talked smack. We laughed loudly. We drank. We celebrated friendship. I felt profound love.

The day I feared turned into a day of celebration. I did not suffer. I really only felt pain for a few minutes. All the grief work is paying off. Anniversary turned anti-versary. Thank you, God.

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Grief #Divorce #Antiversary #Healing #Girlfriends #BrentwoodYMCA #LAJackson #StLukesCommunityHouse

#Girlfriends #ProjectRestoreJoy #Grief #Divorce #Healing #yoga

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