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How Was Heaven?

We had a training for the Board at church this weekend. Our facilitator, Martha Creek, was amazing! She’s an expert in the work of Byron Katie (totally worth a look if you aren’t familiar). Martha has this elegant way of causing you to shift your perspective. Here’s the question that really got my attention:

What if when you die, you see God and God says, “Hi Beloved. How was Heaven?”

Whoa! What if?! Would you place your palm on your forehead and shake your head in regret? Would you say “OMG (LITERALLY!!); I missed it.”

I like the perspective shift. It reminds me that I can choose my experience in this very moment.

I can see the car with its flashers on while the traffic piles up behind it and get frustrated. Or, I can appreciate the fact that it’s not me with car problems. I am not running late.

I can bemoan the fact that my afternoon is dragging or I can rejoice in the awareness that I now live 5 minutes from Starbucks and I can get a skinny iced mocha as a pick me up!

I can grieve because my ex and I have finished the final draft of our Marriage Dissolution Agreement, or I can celebrate the good years and the growth we experienced together (okay, so this one might be a both/and).

I can stop being afraid of what people think. I can wear my heart on my sleeve. I can laugh out loud. I can dance. I can embarrass myself with silliness. I can love hard. I can forgive. I can go all in.

Afterall, this could be heaven. I don’t want to miss out.

I don’t want you to miss out either. How would you show up differently today if you knew this was Heaven?

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