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We Have a Court Date

Yesterday I pulled another string. The tapestry of our lives is slowly unraveling. It was a beautiful tapestry for the majority of the past 15 years. Now it’s hardly recognizable. But the threads are intact. The threads aren’t going anywhere. I’m gathering them up as they come undone. I will weave them into a new tapestry. I already am…

What on earth am I talking about? Well, yesterday I drove to the courthouse with all of our divorce documents in hand. I was so nervous. I was afraid they would tell me I’d filled everything out wrong. I was afraid they’d laugh when I said we weren’t working with an attorney. Of course that is not what happened.

I turned over the forms. The lady behind the desk was very professional and she reviewed everything. Yes, we did miss some signatures but she didn’t beat me over the head. She just flagged the pages and asked me to bring them back as soon as possible. I asked if I could go ahead and file the rest of the papers. She resisted at first but then agreed. I paid my $250 and the divorce clock officially started ticking.

As I walked out I felt this huge sense of relief. I felt this huge sense of sadness. I felt an overwhelming wave of nausea. I had been so nervous about the process that I didn’t prepare myself for the emotional onslaught. Thank God for the past year though. What I’ve learned is I can pick up the phone. Friends are always available. Always.

I talked to several friends. On my last call, I asked my girlfriend for help. She offered to go for a walk. I thought about it and said I would really just like to come over. This true friend invited me over, cooked a divine meal, and poured glasses of wine, all while I reclined on her porch swing. We talked about the day but we also talked about the rest of our lives. It was cathartic and real, and now my memory of the evening is sweet instead of tortuous.

Today my ex and I met to execute the remaining documents. I drove back to the courthouse and handed them over. Everything is done. Now all we have to do is show up in court on Friday, October 26th. It’s the soonest they could get us in. More than 60 days but less than 90.

So now what? All the hard stuff is done. Well, maybe not all the hard emotional stuff.

I will continue to lean on friends. I will buy myself flowers. I will wait. And I’ll be weaving my new tapestry.

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Divorce #Grief #Healing #Girlfriends #Fear #SheerJoy

#ProjectRestoreJoy #Girlfriends #Grief #Divorce #Healing #SheerJoy #fear

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