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Fear Feels Like a Four Letter Word

Fear has knocked me on my butt the past few days. It has surprised me. Until yesterday, I have been riding an amazing wave of positive emotion and belief.

The only thing I know to do with fear is to give it voice and face it head on. I have called a few friends and I will give it additional voice here. Once given voice, I know I will have the courage to face it.

Things I’m afraid of:

  • Sharing with you all the ridiculous things I’m afraid of

  • Burning through all my savings since my main income source just went away

  • Not being able to buy a house (my savings is mostly from equity I had in the house with my ex)

  • Going back to work and starting to work 80+ hours a week again

  • Gaining a bunch of weight

  • Losing my connection to friends, family, church and myself

  • Giving up my dream of being a nutrition coach, specializing in eating addictions and 12 step recovery

  • Never finding love again

  • Being in charge of car maintenance

  • Calling about my $3,000 ER bill from vertigo

  • Believing I have to be with a man to be okay

  • Dying old and alone

The list goes on. But my energy for it does not. I have wallowed for a little over 24 hours. It’s time to shift my perspective. My Dad reminded me that I have been perfectly prepared for what comes next. I can be excited to see what will be revealed. And I am.

I was terrified of leaving corporate and I found an amazing life on the other side. I was terrified of leaving my marriage. Again I found an amazing life on the other side. I am terrified of my next professional move. I suspect I will find an amazing life on the other side. I am terrified of doing life on my own. Wait! I’m already doing it. And it is amazing.

I can walk through the fear. I AM walking through the fear.

I have contacted a handful of therapists to seek coaching referrals. I am setting up coffees and lunches with people in my network. I have updated my resume. I am spending more time at home so that I will have the time to work. I am staying in prayer. I am going on dates. I am walking through the fear.

Yes, fear is a four letter word. But so are love, hope and life. I choose to see fear as the fuel I need to propel me forward, onward and upward.


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#Healing #ProjectRestoreJoy #Divorce #Coaching #Vulnerability #fear

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