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Viva Las Vegas

Curious minds wanna know where I went for my divorce celebration trip…

4 girlfriends. 4 nights. Huge suite at the Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip. No gambling. No shows. No sleep.

A lot of laughing. A lot of dancing. A lot of imbibing.

As for the rest, well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

But, seriously, we stayed out of trouble. Mostly.

I’m so thankful for this trip. For these amazingly generous, smart, beautiful fun women. For this time to play and let go of worries. I highly, highly, highly recommend a trip with friends for anyone going through a divorce. HIGHLY!

And I’m thankful for another reason.

I trust God’s timing. And, the timing of this playcation was divine.

I got word this weekend that I share a tax obligation with my ex. A tax obligation equal to more money than I’ve made in the past 2.5 years combined. And that’s just my half.

Because I was in Vegas, because I was playing, because I was with my girlfriends, I mostly took it in stride. It sucks and yeah, I’m pretty pissed because he told me last spring I wouldn’t owe anything. But again I mostly took it in stride.

I have a savings account. I have opportunities to earn it all back. I have a new friend who went to my apartment and retrieved my bank account information so that I could pay the huge tax bill before midnight. And I almost have my freedom. 9 days and counting.

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