• Sarah Joy

Top 10 Things I Am Thankful For in Haiti

  1. The sounds of the children laughing

  2. The slower pace that forces me to rest and read a book

  3. Haitian food and the ladies who prepare it—seriously!

  4. The Landcruiser truck Dad drives. Without it I’d be riding a moto over some treacherous roads!

  5. Solar panels that provide steady electricity

  6. Huge, fresh, ripe avocados

  7. Sleeping for 9 hours and waking to the sounds of roosters and other creatures. Feeling the cool breeze on my skin when I wake

  8. Water heated in the sun so that I can have a hot “shower.” It’s not really a shower. It’s dripping water over my skin. Turning the pipe off while I soap up and then turning it on again to rinse. But, it’s warm water, a true luxury here

  9. Hugs and laughter from everyone I meet. We don’t speak the same language but smiles don’t require words

  10. How much the people care about their work—locals, clergy, missionaries. Life is simple here, but it is hard. Volunteers are making a choice to be here. It matters. They matter. I matter

#ProjectRestoreJoy #SheerJoy #Gratitude #TheHaitiProject #YourPartnerInHaiti #Travel #ItsTheSimpleThings #Thanksgiving

#ProjectRestoreJoy #SheerJoy #Travel #Gratitude

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