• Sarah Joy

Top 10 Things I Will Not Take for Granted When I Get Home From Haiti

  1. Access to the gym, walking trails, hiking, yoga—the ability to exercise!

  2. Warm running water and the freedom to take a 10 minute shower, including shaving my legs

  3. High speed internet

  4. My dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker

  5. Paved roads

  6. Artificial sweetener. I know, I know!

  7. Window screens

  8. Speaking a shared language

  9. Recycling

  10. And most importantly, being able to talk to and see the people I love whenever I want!

#ProjectRestoreJoy #SheerJoy #Gratitude #TheHaitiProject #YourPartnerInHaiti #Travel #ItsStillPrettySimpleThings #ILoveHaitiButIAmJustALittleHomesick

#ProjectRestoreJoy #SheerJoy #Travel #Gratitude

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