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Great Haiti Adventure: Day 3


I woke up completely rested this morning. I slept about 9.5 hours, which I haven’t done since before I left my ex. Last night I sprayed myself with Off, opened my window and crawled into bed before 9. And I woke this morning to the sounds of a rooster crowing. Crushing that “what if” around not being able to sleep in Haiti!

That was a little less than 12 hours ago. And I’m exhausted again! But I’m happy.

After a breakfast of bouillon (brothy, salty soup of potatoes and carrots) and a hard boiled egg, Dad and I drove to town to pick up 2 other volunteers. We drove to a local school to begin learning more about the school lunch program. We talked to the cooks who were preparing food over charcoal stoves. The meal was a tomato/sardine sauce served over ground corn. We weighed and measured and took photos. We asked tons of questions. Thank goodness one of the volunteers, Sofie, speaks fluent Creole! After all of our interrogation, we gave each of the cooks a sucker to say thank you.

We then drove to another of the schools to meet with the Parish priest and the school director. The drive was harrowing! We went over boulders and through the creek. Though I can’t have walked more than 1,000 steps today, my Fitbit reads 13,000 steps. I know it’s not a workout, but somehow this makes me feel better about being so tired again! My shoulder blades are literally chafed from rubbing against the seat in the Land Cruiser!

Sofie was once again a God-send for our meeting. She translated and navigated all of the topics with such grace. She has a constant smile and everyone seems to love her. We met for at least 3 hours but it was very productive time. Dad introduced some new methods of record keeping and with Sofie’s help, I believe more information will soon be available about the number of children fed, the foods they are fed and where the food is sourced from. We want to encourage purchasing from local farmers as much as possible.

When we were readying to leave the school, we found ourselves with 2 additional passengers. Transportation is hard to come by so we never drive anywhere alone. I love the sharing and the adventure.

And now, a little rest. Dinner will be ready in about an hour. I can’t wait to see what we’ll have tonight. Some take on beans and rice is my best guess. There are also 3 more huge avocados on the kitchen table. It’s avocado season here and I am getting so spoiled! During high season, they sell for about 3 cents each!

Spoiled too that breakfast and dinner are cooked and ready when it’s time. And after we eat, the dishes are taken care of. I’ve never had domestic help and this feels odd. It is the right thing though. By hiring help, Dad and Denise are helping in another way. They provide an income to 2 women who wouldn’t otherwise have work. These women cook and clean and shop. Because they are local, they can get fair prices in the market. And when they cook, they always make just a little bit extra, meaning they get fed. Yes, this is right. Yes, this is good.

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#ProjectRestoreJoy #Travel #Haiti #SheerJoy

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