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Great Haiti Adventure: Day 11


Glory hallelujah! I’m writing this from the Delta Sky Club in Atlanta! A perk leftover from my ex, a perk that will go away after this trip, but boy am I grateful for it tonight. I was up early because the guest house was full of activity. Normally I love the music of excited voices. Not so much late last night and early this morning, but the truth is that I was wired anyway. I was worrying about getting out of Port au Prince safely, and I was excited about getting home.

So the day started early, but that also means I got to enjoy a cup of coffee with Dad before he headed out for his flight (I booked late and it was too expensive to fly American). My early morning also means I had lots of free time to catch up on email, eBay, job applications, and more. It DOES NOT mean I could go explore or exercise. We were behind closed gates with several guards. My final day of “non-independence.” Tomorrow I will get my happy tail to the gym. I’m afraid it’ll about kill me, but I’m so ready!

Dad helped me arrange a ride to the airport, and when it was time, I put on my long pants and long sleeves. Goodbye 90 degrees and sunny. Hello freezing temperatures...except for the 4 hours in the PAP airport. 90 degrees + winter clothing + delayed flight = finding the airport bar and ordering a cold beer. I made a new friend, whose name I’ve already forgotten, but we chatted to pass the time. Far better than standing in the very small waiting area. Plus, when I said farewell and went to join my boarding line, he saw me and made his away across the (small) terminal and told me I was in the wrong line. Embarrassed, but grateful!

In the end the flight to ATL was delayed an hour. But now my flight from ATL to BNA is delayed an hour too, so there’s that. For once, customs was a breeze. But then it wasn’t such a breeze...when you fly international and have checked bags, you’re required to pick your bags up, transport them to a new drop off area, and recheck them. Normally no big deal. I’m a seasoned traveler. However, I had my suitcase and shoulder bag AND I checked (2) 50 pound bags for Dad. Visualize this for a second. 3 roller bags +1 shoulder bag + 1 girl. Um? Suffice it to say that I looked like the modern day version of a Beverly Hillbilly, except people weren’t charmed by me. They huffed and pushed past me. No offers for help. No sympathy. I get it though. Airports are stressful. The international terminal even more so. And I did it, albeit with a little bit of cursing and a lot of sweating! You’re welcome Dad :)

I managed to recheck the bags and then learned about my 2nd delay. And there you have it. Avoiding potential violence in Haiti, delayed flight out of PAP, transferring 3 roller bags in ATL, and a delayed flight home. This is the reason I am living high on the hog in the lounge. And I don’t take it for granted. And I don’t take water fountains for granted. And I don’t take the fresh celery and hummus for granted. And I hope Haiti has reminded me of so many other things NOT to take for granted.


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