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Ya'll, my podcast interview is LIVE!

You may recall that my last blog post was about using my voice. A quick update here: The situation with my ex continues to draw out. I just wanna throw in the towel. Concede. Give him all of the money. Leave the church. Move out of town. Say adios to every single bit of it. It’s not about the money; I no longer live in fear of money or lack thereof. It’s not about leaving the church; it is my home. It’s not about moving; yes, I want to move, but not to run away. I want to move toward the adventure. Ultimately, it’s my desire to be loved. If I just shrink, comply, obey, surrender, if I take up less space, if I don’t have needs… How is it that at some level I still believe that being small will make me lovable. That is total BS. I will not give in to that lie. Plus, I wrote about using my voice. I feel accountable to all of you. On to the more exciting news about using my voice!! I met with Heidi Frei and recorded an interview for her podcast It is live. Yes, at the click of a link, you can hear my story. In all honesty, I’ve clicked the link several times now. I keep listening because I like what I have to say and truth be told, because I really like who I am. Praise God for that 43 year miracle in the making! It’s a 40 minute podcast and I would be so very honored if you can make the time to listen. And, if you hear something that resonates with you, please let me know. Human connection matters so much to me! Namaste, Sarah Joy #ProjectRestoreJoy #SingleSoulCircle #Healing #UsingMyVoice #Girlfriends #Divorce #ElizabethGilbert #CityofGirls #EatPrayLove #BreneBrown #DaringGreatly #Braving #Vulnerability 

#Vulnerability #ProjectRestoreJoy #Divorce #Healing #Girlfriends

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