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I'm Back!

I know, I know! It’s been a solid 6 months since I’ve posted anything. I don’t have much to say about that, other than life has been so very full that I’ve chosen to spend my time on that fullness.

I thought I’d cancel my website/blog next month. Wix sent me a bill last week…$200, maybe more. I figured I was no longer using it so I’d just cancel and save the money. Crazy the way the universe works though.

I’m not a New Year’s resolution kind of girl, but I do love the practice of setting intentions. I wasn’t sure what my intention for 2020 would be until NYE. We attended a burning bowl church service on NYE. During the service we were encouraged to contemplate those items from 2019, or anytime in the past, that we didn’t want to carry into 2020. We wrote those items down and then placed them in a burning bowl. Poof! Gone are the resentments I was carrying. Gone is my imposter syndrome. Gone is my fear of failure…or at least that’s the desired outcome!

We were also encouraged to think about 2020 and who we’d like to be in 2020. I wrote down a few intentions but the overarching theme is choosing to say yes this year.

So on Tuesday the 31st, I made this commitment to saying yes. A few days later, I contemplated shutting down my site. And a few days after that, I went to church and got the very clear message that I needed to start blogging again. A supportive reader approached me and asked me why I haven’t been writing. She told me how much she enjoyed my blog. She told me I was helping all these people that I don’t even know. She asked me to share my post-divorce story, to show that there is life—amazing life—on the other side.

I temporarily forgot my commitment to yes. I told her I’d think about it. I thought about it. I remembered my commitment to yes. I remembered the pleasure of writing and connecting. I thought about some major life changes on the horizon and realized that I too would benefit from this contribution. And so, I’m back. It won’t be weekly. I’m thinking once a month. But I do want this. I do want to hear from friends far and wide. I am excited.

I will deep dive into my intention to say yes sometime soon. For now, I’d like to provide an update on the past 6 months. Fasten your seatbelts!

One of the big reasons for my silence has been my job. Some of you know that I returned to full-time work in February of last year. I was so afraid that it would suck the life out of me and that I would lose all the lessons I learned while taking my sabbatical. It’s definitely been challenging. And I do have far less time. But it’s also been incredibly rewarding. I am doing good work, for an amazing company, with super smart people. I’ve rediscovered that I too am super smart. My logic brain knew that but damn if 2014/2015 convinced me otherwise! My work is going so well that I received a promotion last month. This is not to brag. It is to share my awe in the miracle of this journey. This time last year I was terrified of the return. This year, I am exhilarated and learning.

One of my last posts in the summer of 2019 referred to some drama with my ex. I so want to write about all of that, but our social circles still overlap so I’ll keep it short. The drama is resolved. And I believe he was sent to be my teacher. His actions forced me to stand up for myself in ways that I never have before. In ways I NEVER believed I was capable of. And as soon as I took on the lesson that I am worth fighting for, the entire situation resolved itself.

One other huge update from the past 6 months: Colin and I decided to move. We considered a move across town. Our city is booming and it could be fun to live in downtown Nashville. But then, Nashville is booming, and the traffic alone makes me want to crawl in a dark hole.

We considered Chattanooga. Love the vibe and one of my best friends lives there. But, it’s still TN. Not sure an in-state move would accomplish the dream. The dream is to start all over in a new place. To scare myself. To meet new people. To experience finding the shops and restaurants. To creating something new.

So we considered Denver (too cold), NYC (too expensive) and Greenville, SC (just right)!

Yep, we visited Greenville for the first time in May. We went back for the second time in September and made an offer on a condo that same weekend. Yes, I’m usually the penultimate planner, but my soul said YES! Colin said YES! The seller said YES! And so, we are moving in a few weeks.

Why Greenville? Look it up. Look at the pictures of Falls Park. Seriously. We are a 5 min walk to the park and a 15 min walk to downtown. You’ll understand why when you see the pics and when I tell you that waterfalls are “my thing.” I can literally go sit by the waterfalls every morning to journal. And on weekends, we can walk to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and go for hours. Greenville is 6 hours from my family and less than 2 hours from his. The climate is similar to TN. The downtown is lined with local shops and restaurants, with families and couples milling about. The airport is close and thankfully Southwest operates out of GSP (no need to give up A list and companion pass)! We are excited to make new friends while keeping in close contact with our nearest and dearest.

I am scared to death about all of this. Will I do well in my new role at work? Can I make new friends? What if I’m lonely? What if Colin and I have a hard time fitting in? What if it’s too hard to get a SC driver’s license? Seriously, I worry about the small stuff too. BUT, I’m also exhilarated. We’ve got this one life to live and I’m gonna live it!

And for the next year, I’m inviting you along you to live it with me, one month at a time.


Sarah Joy

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